lake placid senior softball

Lake Placid Men's Senior Softball

2017 Team Photos

Lake Placid, Florida

2017 The Anderson Group Team

Back row from left: Bill Todd, Team Manager Pete Mathews, Ron Hanisch, Scorekeeper Gerry Mathews, Pat Becker, Dick Gunderman, substitute player Terry Austin, Bob Yacubic. Kneeling: Elston Hedges, Ted Griffith, Dick Cook, Ed Diaz and substitute player Larry Ambuel. Not pictured: Dave Belyea and Stan Schuham.

2017 Original Vincent's Pizza Team

Back row from left: Ken Elston, Fred Moore, John Kloet, Cliff Bluml, Norm Grubs and Jim Nicolet. Front row: Bill Scrase, Ron Kilburn, Bill Gallagher, Team Manager Doran Quigg, and David Duncan. Not pictured: Ron Gary

2017 Yates Insurance Team

Back row from left: Substitute player Don Bucher, Scorekeeper Bob Asbury, Bob Roth, Jeff Lindskoog, Dale Smith, Doug Jolman, Tom Ashley and Bill Card. Front row: Bill Destefano, kneeling: Dan Rasmussen, Lee Maule, Team Manager Gene Welbaum, and Kyle Saunders. Not pictured: Otto Riley.

2017 Central Security

From left to right: Mo Pier, Ross Anderson, Dave Steigerwalt, Team Manager Paul Stephenson, Galo Gonzalez, Paul Marcellus, Mike Kratt, Chet Johnson, Dana Hurlbut, Ron Wickman, Todd Martin, Phil Lucas and Ron Melia.

2017 Lake Placid Marine Team

Back row from left: Brian Heaphy, Pat Lowe, Rich Rucker, substitute player John McCallum, Ed Engler, Larry Oser. Front row: Harvey Jones, Gary Vizioli, Victor Rodriguez, Gary Tankersley and Joe Hedges. Not pictured: Team Manager Tom Waters, and Jim Hensley.

2017 Seminole Tire Team

Back row from left: Jim Lorne, Dana Amundson, scorekeeper Peggy Amundson, J.R. Garver, Jim Radcliff, Jeff Stanley, Skip Raller and Tom Trapman. Front row: Harry Baucom, Team Manager Darrel Richards, Paul Brand, Larry Laux and Ray Wilson. Not pictured: David Hansen.

2017 Vincent's Pizza Team

Back row from left: Jim Nicolet, Ron Kilburn, John Kloet, Fred Moore, David Duncan, Cliff Bluml and Ken Elston. Front row: Bill Gallagher, Team Manager Doran Quigg, Norm Grubbs and Bill Scrase. Not pictured: Ron Gary.

Congratulations VINCENT'S PIZZA
2017 Lake Placid Men's Senior Softball
League Champions!

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