Lake Placid Men's Senior Softball

Lake Placid, Florida

All pictures have been posted - please see the PHOTOS link above. Thanks to all for a great season! Enjoy your summer and safe travels to those on the move.
Back row: Paul Marcellus, Cliff Bluml, Brian Heaphy, Gary Steeves, John Kloet, Ian McQuaig and Jim Hensley. Front row: Phil Lucas, Team Manager Darrel Richards, Gary Tankersley, Bill Scrase and Rex Ebert. Not pictured: Kyle Saunders

2018 League Champions Miller's Air!


Final 2018 standings March 28, 2018
Team Wins Losses
Miller's 17 6
Central Security 16 7
Yates 13 10
Wedgworth's 11 12
Seminole Tire 8 15
LP Marine 4 19
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Men's Senior Softball League

The Lake Placid Men's Senior Slow-Pitch Softball League was started in 1993. The League is open to men ages 60 and older. Our League has players with ages spanning from their early 60's to mid 90's. The League is open to all that want to participate. All skill levels are welcome! If you haven't been a player but would like to learn, or if you've been playing your whole life - there is room for everyone. While the play is important, the bigger focus is the opportunity to get together twice a week and have some fun. Practice starts in November with the teams being formed each year at the end of December. The teams are never the same, so you get a chance to meet and play with everyone in the League.

The 2018 will be played at the Highlands County Multi Sports Complex.. Regular League play starts at the beginning of January and games are played Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. through March.

The League is always looking for new players, so stop out on a Monday or Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. and check it out! Send us an e-mail if you'd like more information: